The Ditch Kit®

Personal Survival Pack (PSP)

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Captain Dan developed the PSP for his annual delivery of the sport-fish Owl's Nest and her tender up the U.S. East Coast to Sag Harbor, N.Y. every summer. The perfect survival solution for solo yacht delivery, fishing alone or cruising offshore alone. Meant to be worn, this survival pack has all the essentials for personal ocean survival. The inspiration behind the PSP came from a Miami Dolphins football player who fell off the back of his boat while fishing. Imagine you're fishing alone and you catch a nice size fish. You leave the boat in gear to keep tension on the line and hook so you don't lose your catch. You run to the back of the boat to gaff your catch and suddenly you lose your footing and your in the water watching your boat troll away from you. What do you do? You have the best ditch kit in the world onboard, but its drifting away from you with your boat. This all-in-one survival pack has everything you would need to survive that scenario. Thermal protection, inflatable life jacket, flares, an optional PLB and VHF radio and so much more in a water tight wearable waist pack. The Ditch Kit® PSP Just in Case!